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Our Equity Management and Cap Table services utilize innovative digital technologies to streamline your company's governance processes, providing a comprehensive view of your company’s ownership structure and managing equity-related transactions. Discover how our Equity Management service can transform your company.

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Cap Table and shareholder registry management

Provides a comprehensive view of the company's ownership structure, detailing equity distribution among stakeholders and managing equity-related transactions such as stock options, convertible notes, and fundraising rounds.

Proof of shareholder ownership

Through a straightforward and easy-to-use digital dashboard, this service allows you to:

  • Know the number of shares for each shareholder.
  • Issuance of ownership certificate.
  • Issuing an updated digital copy of the shareholder register.

Organizing Exits and Stock Transfers

With this service, whether you're an owner or a shareholder, you can seamlessly transfer shares and execute the exit process digitally. This user-friendly platform enables you to conveniently sell or relinquish your shares, streamlining what can often be a complex and time-consuming process. The digital nature of the service ensures a secure, efficient, and transparent transaction, saving you both time and effort.

User Identity Verification

Rest assured; you have full knowledge. This service enables you to know the identity of the shareholders through the verification service of the Absher platform.

Data Room

Access a secure virtual space where you can store and share sensitive information related to your company's equity and investments. This feature allows for better organization, improved due diligence, and facilitates more efficient transactions.

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