Assembly Management

Streamline the process of conducting assemblies and resolutions. Our fully digital approach makes everything from establishing associations to collecting signatures effortless. Save time and improve efficiency and transparency in your corporate governance.

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Conducting Assemblies and Resolutions

Establish various types of associations, including Ordinary General Assemblies, Extraordinary General Assemblies, Constituent Assemblies, Assemblies by Passing, and Partners' Resolutions, with ease and flexibility. Our user-friendly digital platform makes the setup and management of these associations seamless.

Meeting Invitation

Send meeting invitations to all shareholders, regardless of their number, swiftly and electronically via SMS.

Online voting

Simplifies the process of casting votes on various matters. Our service collects votes electronically, ensuring an easy, efficient process and instant access to the results.

View documents

Share important documents like financial statements and articles of association securely and confidentially. Save them digitally with a water signature for high security.

Meeting Management

Manage your meetings with flexibility and an easy mechanism. Present your meeting and display items professionally on screen while verifying the identity of participants for added security and reliability.

Post-Meeting Report

Save time by generating comprehensive post-meeting reports, including documents such as attendance records, voting cards, vote counting minutes, and assembly minutes forms, directly through our platform.

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