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Orchestrating Equity Prosperity

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Ebana offers a range of features

Designed to save you hours of work in the long run

Empower Your Equity Management and cap table

Leverage cutting-edge technology for a simplified governance process. Gain a bird's eye view of your ownership structure and streamline equity transactions. Simulate scenarios for informed decision-making in fundraising and equity financing rounds.

Transform Corporate Governance

Revolutionize assemblies and resolutions with our fully digital solution. Streamline complex procedures, establish associations, collect signatures, and enhance transparency at an unparalleled pace.

Elevate Investor Relations

Experience the future of investor relations. Engage with a dedicated Investor Relations Officer and share sensitive documents via a secure portal.

Ignite Employee Engagement

Weave flexible digital employee share programs into your company's fabric with our technology solutions. Catalyze a workspace where innovation thrives and simplicity is the standard.

Boost Investment Operations

Maximize growth and financing opportunities with our efficient Investment Operations Support service. Connect with a vast network of qualified investors and ensure seamless transactions with legal support.

Simplify Share Buybacks

Automate the process of buying back your company's shares with our legally-supported service. Allocate treasury shares effortlessly and enjoy a smoother experience with our legal partners' support.

Equity Management and Cap Table

Our Equity Management and Cap Table services utilize innovative digital technologies to streamline your company's governance processes, providing a comprehensive view of your company’s ownership structure and managing equity-related transactions. Discover how our Equity Management service can transform your company.

  • Cap Table and shareholder registry management
  • Proof of shareholder ownership
  • Organizing Exits and Stock Transfers
  • User Identity Verification
  • Data Room

Assemblies and Resolutions

Streamline the process of conducting assemblies and resolutions. Our fully digital approach makes everything from establishing associations to collecting signatures effortless. Save time and improve efficiency and transparency in your corporate governance.

  • Conducting Assemblies and Resolutions
  • Meeting Invitation
  • Online voting
  • View documents
  • Meeting Management
  • Post-Meeting Report

Employee stock program

Enhance employee performance and loyalty with our seamless technology solutions. We simplify the creation of flexible digital employee share programs, making it effortless for your company.

  • Multiple program options
  • Create contracts
  • Legal support
  • Performance-Based Vesting Schedules
  • Transaction History

Investor relations

Optimize your investor relationships with our comprehensive service. We help you foster a sustainable investment process rooted in transparency and clarity. Our platform acts as an effective communication hub, streamlining interactions between your business and investors.

  • Designate a Relationship Officer
  • Communication portal
  • News editing
our clients say

إبانة تشعرنا بالأمان والطمأنينة كونها تعمل على توثيق المستخدمين وتحديث العمليات بموثوقية في سجل الملكية، بالإضافة لتقديم بعض الإستشارات للنقاط المجهولة

طارق الرويلي الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة فايف كلرز

إبانه هي بيت المستثمرين لكل شركة، تدير العلاقات معهم بطريقة احترافية وتعاملهم بلغة الصديق

حمود الغصن مؤسس تطبيق مستر مندوب

سعداء بشراكتنا مع شركة إبانة وعلى الخدمات التي يقدمونها وفريق العمل الإحترافي، الأمر الذي جعل عملية التواصل مع المساهمين والإهتمام باستفساراتهم عمل متقن ويدار بكل مهنية واحترافية عالية

د.عبدالرحمن الشيخيمؤسس تطبيق رحلة
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